Three Deer Found Drowned and Entangled From Battle

This is the story of three deer found in Meigs County Ohio in November of 2010.  The three deer were found drowned in a creek with their antlers entwined from a vicious battle that scarred the landscape and trees surrounding the creek bed.  The rutting season was in full force and a person could only speculate on the cause of the unique battle that ended in their mutual demise.  But what an epic battle it must have been.

The deer were found on Nov. 12th on the Burke farm near Albany Ohio by a logging contractor who was surveying the land. When he found the grizzly bodies, they were floating in the creek with two on top and one unfortunate deer underneath.  He immediately called the land owners and reported the finding.  The Burkes then called the Ohio department of wildlife to report the incident and prevent any perception of wrong doing on their behalf.  The game warden came to inspect the bodies still floating in the creek.  The images below help tell the story.

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